24 thoughts on “Oprah Is Keeping Twitter Hot”

  1. It’s too bad that these celebs who have so many fans, never respond to any of them. They probably don’t even see the messages that are sent to them. It makes it rather frustrating to be on twitter and talking to yourself. LOL

  2. Cindy

    that is a very fair point. unfortunately there is very little celebs do beyond broadcasting and perhaps from that perspective it is still a one way, web 1.0 world despite the new tools of being closer to their fans/followers.

  3. I’m new on twitter. From all that I read about it before joining, I guess I was a little mislead into thinking everyone could chat with everyone. I didn’t realize that your comments can’t be seen unless you are being followed by that person. It kind of burst my bubble lol. The big advertising when a new celeb joins (as in Oprah’s case) obviously is to draw more people to twitter who will be talking to themselves along with me 🙂

    1. Actually, that is not totally correct. Yes, in order to see most of your general comments, someone has to be following you, however, if you send an @reply message to someone’s @username, it is seen by both your followers and is sent to the person’s @username or @allmentions tab on the right. They may or may not see it right then, live if they are online or check their phone, but most folks read they’re mentions of their @username. If they reply to you, that reply is seem by all of their followers too.

      That is a great way to find and get more folks to follow. Interact with someone who shares your interests and some of their followers might follow you too. If I follow you, and I follow Shaq and you send a tweet to @The_Real_Shaq or reply to him, both he and I have the potential to see it, but I might miss it, as it is not directed to me, if I am not online at the time, or don’t check out your messages from that afternoon, (unless you put my@username in it too).

      Another way conversations get started is when someone retweets something you said, or you read an RT, then engae that person about the subject.

      In reality, most normal people on Twitter do follow you back, and people do talk with each other, quite a bit. It’s just that most Celebrities don’t, some like Shaq do. Most of the time it’s not like high school, most folks are adults, and play nicely in the pool as it were.

      People follow each other for many reasons – you have something in common, they find something you said interesting or funny or cool or unique, they like your username, they sent out a link to information they find valuable, they followed you because someone they like or respect follows or interacted with you.

      The celebs may be fun, but most of the real action on Twitter is with the regular old peeps.

  4. Hi Cindy,

    Actually when you make an update it will be visible to everyone, click on the “Everyone” link inside twitter, everyones updates will be fed into there, from there they could be searched up using Twitters search. Happy tweeting.

    1. Cathy and Freight, thanks for the info. As I said I’m still a newbie and not sure how everything works. I have sent messages with the @ and a persons name, so I guess they just didn’t bother responding.

      It’s a fun site nonetheless. Again, ty for the learning lessons!

  5. Om,

    Thanks a million for covering this.

    I didn’t see any further issues after we discussed this @ 6:30P EST on Friday.
    There was some performance issues on Saturday, April 20 that were not seen during
    the rest of April’s Saturday’s so far.

    Best regards,

    Ken Godskind
    Chief Strategy Office


  6. It is worth watching Andrew Keen’s talk to Google in ’07 here! (http://tinyurl.com/24zzgg) Much of what he says is increasingly relevant today as Newspapers are imploding and more is likely to follow. I also wrote my own opinion of the ramifications of this engagement of Twitter by celebrities entitled “Twitter Breaks Down the Wall Between Star and Fans – What a nightmare?” here – http://tinyurl.com/d7e58e

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