5 thoughts on “Palm One Irrelevant in Mobile Market”

  1. Russell Beattie can shout about Symbian until he’s blue in the face. It doesn’t change the fact that Symbian smartphones are still stupid for email without full keyboards on the phone itself.

    A Nokia Series 60 smartphone with a full keyboard, or even one of those Blackberry 7100-style keypads, could kill the Treo within two years. So what’s Nokia waiting for?

  2. i believe that something like that is in the works. i like the nokia 9300 as well. it works fantastically and is pretty good with email. of course you can disagree on that one. i think the treo is a good solution for the near term.

  3. Om: how do you distinguish between a “connnected PDA” and a “smart phone” if both are supposed to have similar form factors and do pretty much the same things?

  4. The great thing about the Treo is that the carriers have yet to cripple the programming API, so the subscriber has at least a modicum of control of their own device.

    Whats really dangerous about the future is QCOM’s BREW platform. It costs about $3000 per test to publish an application on that platform, which of course is bullshit.

  5. i agree with you charlie. but symbian is like that as well. brew is to print money – like microsoft. funny the blog world did not pick up on that one

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