7 thoughts on “Pandora goes public, valued over $3 billion”

  1. I must say I don’t get it. I can pay Pandora, or listen to ads, or
    I can listen to BlueBeat (bluebeat.com) ad-free at no cost. I just don’t see the Pandora upside.

    1. I agree. Its got 800k songs, limited customization options (in contrast with Slacker, my choice) and has never made a profit. Pandora claims 90 million registered users, but in ten years how many of those have moved on to better, richer music streaming services?

  2. such growths among ipos is a welcome development but we should be mindful of market reaction in the long term. adequate mechanism should be put in place to enable the market withstand over heating that leads to stress.

  3. I don’t like the attraction to IPO’s by the typical investor, honestly. The big boys get PRE IPO pricing and are always ahead of the game. And that leaves you competing with hype infested traders/investors hoping to have the next big thing. Stick to plays with chart data so you can at least see where support & resistance is. Our picks are up near 40% in less than 2 months because we use chart data to limit risk. 8)

  4. Headed for another bubble burst?

    Pandora didn’t allow playing what I wanted, only something in the same genre, so it’s been deleted from my smartphone.

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