6 thoughts on “The OS X Virtualization Weekend”

  1. they just keep raising the bar…of course, you might also want to mention the even more dreamy recent beta from codeweavers.com (though i’m in parallels now, lovin’ it, because yes, there are many msft products i really do love using)

  2. On the subject of virtualizations, check out http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxmac/. Crossover lets individual Windows apps run within the Mac OS, so no need to load all of Windows first.
    Crossover is still quite new and has some work to do (esp providing support USB for devices), but I think they are on to a smart idea. I only want specific apps- I don’t want an entire XP/Vista desktop. Sounds like Parallels has the same thought with the Coherence feature.

  3. I think the best virtualisation Apple could do, is to get OSX out there onto PC hardware. That would really help them, I think. Just bump up the buy price of OSX to 80% of what Vista is and then get into production of hardware drivers and driver development partnerships with driver manufacturers. They’re capable of doing it, but its a different ocean in which to swim and there most dominant and sexy Apple brand could start to become browned, in the tainted waters of dodgey mass market unreliable cheap PC hardware. How good is OSX on a crud board with a bog cpu?

    Still I think it would be a good move.

    Off topic Yes.

    Here is on topic.
    I’ve run Parrallels for some months now and its pretty solid. On a mac pro its fantastic, on a mac book, its fantastic.

  4. How good is OSX on a crud board with a bog cpu?

    You mean like what Apple uses in their own products? It’s not like the hardware inside a Mac is any different from a PC at the same price point. It’s not the inside the box stuff that should be worried about, but all the cheap USB crap out there or worse yet antique serial or parallel port based devices (scanners and printers).

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