5 thoughts on “People’s PC, for $300 only”

  1. Of course it is a typo. But for me the interesting thing is HCL has taken this press release now.Emergic mentions this some nine months back. Has the spec improved from last year? Otherwise the take rate was not that impressive – just 75K units per year.

  2. Being a software developer I can say that you cant even do just browsing the internet with 128MB of RAM, forget about running a Microsoft Excel or Word. I think its just a marketing thing.. when it comes to reality the consumers will pay for all the upgrades. I can live with 30GB of Harddrive if the buyer is not a big time video or audio buff.

  3. C’mon leo. The configuration sounds good to me. 128 MB is pretty decent and most machines in s/w companies with similar config…

    The target for this machine is anyway, the untapped middle, lower-middle class and the Govt, etc

    The ‘Air Deccan’ of PCs is here…!

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