One thought on “Pinterest needs growth badly, so it is pinning places”

  1. I’m not certain this isn’t something different than desperation… it could be strategy.

    It was this post (among a few others recently,) that started my thinking about the “Internet of Locations” … as being taxonomically distinct from the Internet of People (as in social media) and the Internet of Things. They are related though … it’s sort of set intersection People, Places or Things.

    ***I took out the past from Wikipedia: the symbols didn’t come across.

    Place is the intersection of People and Things. But people are not defined by the intersection of places and things. But, go with me here …

    What’s particularly interesting are implications for big data, a la Services in the Cloud (e.g. no dependence.) If I’ve noticed the inference, smarter people than me have been acting on this for a while. Intelligent appliances won’t need the cloud to relate to their people and the places those people take them.

    Happy Holiday. Yes, someone is paying attention.

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