5 thoughts on “Twitter, Chegg & Zulily: Why all tech IPOs are not created equal”

  1. Nothing against Chegg and the founders/investors and the incredible journey to get to this point — but — on the surface, Chegg doesn’t “sound” like the future. Twitter sounds like the future. Zulilly has great engagement and brand equity in a time when new generations just buy online and don’t hang out at the mall. Textbook rentals (or any portals on top) just seem like the past.

  2. That’s a good level headed analysis, Om.

    The fact that different companies are getting different treatment is a good sign that this isn’t a bubble.

    1. Thanks William,

      I think when companies without clear grasp on growth and path to profitability are going public, that is the time we have to duck for cover.

  3. Cheggs is a company focus in the right direccion, investing in the future is never wrong but I don’t agree that they over priced at 12,50 a share, considering the big collapse of borders and few other companies with the same business model.
    The positive part of Cheggs is the board of the company with DAN ROSENSWEIG as CEO and the experience of all members that in only few years where capable to bring this company to the public investment eye and most important to be real value for students ” Our Future” and I’m sure they will be taking about Chegg in the future, Chegg is here to stay, I believe that next year with the money they got to invest thanks to the ipo they will bring the value every investor is looking for.

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