8 thoughts on “Pinterest rival The Fancy gets $53 million from Will Smith, American Express; valued at $600 million”

  1. Is that the best picture available of Joe Einhorn? That one makes him look like an extra on Breaking Bad.

  2. Who decided that The Fancy was a “Pinterest Rival”? The Fancy is nothing like Pinterest. Pretty sure they just had to name drop “Will Smith” & “Pinterest” to generate hits for this article & call attention to their little-known site. The Fancy does have some cool products on it, but their format is really boring & most of the products cost a fortune.

  3. “Today, we have brands telling us what to buy, and in the future, thanks to information gleaned through peer-networks such as Pinterest, Wanelo and The Fancy, we are going to make buying decisions based on relevancy”

    1. Part of my comment was cut-off for some reason.

      I meant to add that I’m not 100% sure what this sentence is supposed to mean because “making buying decisions based on relevancy” sounds like meaningless consultant-speak BS. That said, is the claim supposed to be that brands won’t be relevant in purchasing decisions and won’t shape brand image through advertising directed at consumers – “telling [consumers] what to buy? If so, that’s a foolish and almost unbelievably stupid statement.

  4. I very much agree with realist50, I think brands will always sell better, but who knows, maybe the likes of Pinterest and the Fancy will be brand names in the near futue

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