13 thoughts on “PlayStation 3: Delays Ahead”

  1. I am waiting for the Nintendo Revolution to come out. I am interested in a gaming machine, not Microsoft’s or Sony’s version of a personal media center / gaming machine / dvd player etc etc. Nintendo is the Apple of the gaming industry. They provide what people need (and not what people want) and focus on user-experience.

  2. Always making a big deal of MS partnering with ATI, the top team at ATI, Artx, have been working with Nintendo since before Gamecube and the same team is behind Revolution, Nintendo almost owned Artx had another big player not got there 1st, where would that put MS? Still, I believe ATI are the best, so the more ppl who use them the better our games look cross-platform.

  3. Sunny,
    Yeah I am also waiting for Nintendo’s system.

    I might end up picking up a PS3 if the price is right and it had blu-ray. But I don’t think the system not coming out until 2007 is that big of a deal. All that will happen is when it comes out the games will be better then the 360.

  4. Im looking 4wd to blu ray 2, but can sumbody educate me, I heard the whole blu ray vs hd dvd wasnt going to be unlike the console war exclusives? I read the studio behind Terminator 2 were backing hd dvd? Now thats my favourite movie, so if I want blu ray, do i have to go without T2 on that 4mat?

  5. when ps3 come out everyone will have an xbox 360 sony is taking to long to come out with the ps3 and then at that the cost of it. that is b.s

  6. what is taking sony so long to come out with the ps3. will it be worth the time or will it be just like the xbox 360. sony needs to update the people on what is really going to happen

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