3 thoughts on “Two Dot Roundup”

  1. Sorry, I gloss over posts like this that are obviously trying to cram as much stuff as possible into as little bit of space as possible. Good bye.

  2. In absence of pushing serious trade policy restricting Chinese exports unless the Chinese regime loosen its press restrictions, Tom Lantos sound like a coward and a hypocrite. All heat, no light. Blame the Administration for the trade gap, and them shame those domestic companies trying to narrow it.

    This is political theater, nothing more. Google.com still exists in parallel to google.cn, no nothing has measurably changed with Google’s move into China. Savvy internet users in China already know how to use proxy servers to get around the firewall.

    Meanwhile, as sensationalist know-nothings take ill-informed cheap shots, they continue to monetize their sites with Google ads. You want to talk hollow arguments?

  3. OK, so the govt. takes pot shots at the internet companies for helping China out. What exactly was their response when China invaded Tibet? What exactly was their response when China decided to park some tanks on the chests of some of their citizens in the Square?

    Sure, its easy, when you have no skin in the game, to talk big, but fact is, the govt. could make a decision and companies could not do business in China (to say nothing of keeping companies from selling missiles to China.)

    You don’t screw around with superpowers. Our govt. will talk (because that is what they are best at) but when it comes down to it, what China does in their part of the world is going to happen, just like if the US decided to jump ugly with Cuba, everyone else would talk, but they wouldn’t actually do anything about it.

    You don’t screw around with superpowers period. Internet in China? Who do you think owns the pipes over there? Think its all free and nice, think there are any net neutrality discussions over there? Think again.

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