3 thoughts on “Portland Goes MetroFi”

  1. I think it’s hard to go wrong with SkyPilot. Tropos is good too. Which one is better depends on your network topology and what kind of physicall assets you have for equipment mounting. If you have some taller buildings or towers available, SkyPilot is the way to go.

  2. Single radio systems — cheap and dirty. It’s like a single interface router. Not exactly efficient, elegant, or scaleable. But cheap. You get what you pay for. Multiradio devices are far and away superior in a mesh architecture.

    More importantly– mesh is messhy (messy). For infrastructure providers that have the backhaul for most of their AP’s — mesh cannot compete on a performance basis. A lot of the muni wifi’s being built are really first generation networks that will not scale well with coming demand and emerging changes in wireless networking.

    If WRAN (802.22) happens — it can really change everything… Short of that multi-radio rules in mesh — but even better is multi-radio with wired backhaul.

  3. Well, Azalea Networks Inc is the way to go!

    Please check out Frank Marshall’s background. He really has some killer mesh routers in hand. When their production has come to scale, no one can compete. Not even Tropos, Bel Air, Strix … etc.

    Keep watching everyone.

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