12 thoughts on “Powerset Is Live”

  1. A lot of people seem to mistake that new search companies need to index the entire web in order to have a viable business. This is obviously incorrect.

  2. Pwb you are right. many people submit thei websites into old search engines in the market. this is ok but they can try submitting in the new ones too.

  3. I tried: What is the longest lake in the world?
    If powerset understands semantics, why does it return so many unrelated results?

  4. First of, I have to agree Google is an ROI problem. But can someone be better it by providing a better search by Investing in search. I doubt it. But maybe they don’t want to do that.
    In any way it seems to try to be a better recognizing system, no understanding. No idea what information is and how it is processed in the brain to form understanding, same goes for Google.

    For someone interested in the topic try:

    While we have some disagreements it’s a good start to see where we stand today.

    But maybe it I need to relax, found some mistakes in the underlying articles, and have more coffee.

  5. @ Kumar,

    I agree with you. I have been doing some random searches this morning and well, things have not been coming back as I expected. I think this needs a couple of days of rapid testing before making a final judgement call.

  6. From a quick look at Powerset today, I think it has two problems: firstly, the kind of approach Powerset *appears* to be taking performs *worse* than keyword search; and secondly, Google is, in a low-key way, already implementing a “natural language” approach to search that works *better* than keyword search.

    For anyone interested, I’ve put some more details on my blog @


  7. Random searches indicate that it should be dead in a few months. Try, for instance, “American civil war death toll” with Powerset, then with Google.

    And I’m no SEO master, but every other search engine seems to find Daily Paws just fine. Powerset…. not so much.

  8. You don’t need to index the entire web to have viable search business; a little mobile search company called caboodle networks just indexed mobile content and got an M&A exit. Powerset only needs to index a subset that matters to more and more people, and they can become viable.

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