16 thoughts on “Rising Cost of Facebook Infrastructure; CTO Resigns”

  1. The virtual world is starting to look very physical. The Web kicks things off, but data “factories” are going to keep it going.

  2. A 23-year old, no matter how smart, is simply unqualified to run engineering at a firm like Facebook. Even if he has the development chops, he certainly doesn’t have the infrastructure experience needed.

    Of course, I’m waiting for one of your commenters to drop some piece of science like “why don’t they just use EC2” or “but what about the cloud?”. At some point, running your own servers makes sense, even if owning your own datacenter doesn’t. Thats the point Facebook is at.

  3. @ Daniel,

    I think you are right about this – and that explains why Google spends so much money on its infrastructure.

    You should come to our conference though. It be fun to have you around.

  4. If they’re going to be spending $100m every couple o’ years (as has been reported elsewhere, this debt is expected to cover server acquisitions for the next “year or two”) on just servers, and continue to grow, there’s not going to be much room for profit. This sort of thing is probably whey the IPO’s being avoided.

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