4 thoughts on “QuickFuse Joins the Web Telephony Party — Late”

  1. Teleku (http://teleku.com) also entered the cloud communications API space earlier this year and has been able to swing many of Twilio’s developers to the Teleku platform because of our support for the Twilio Markup Language, lower rates, and the ability to run phone applications on any carrier’s network including Voxeo and Plum platforms.

  2. QuickFuse does not use any simple text APIs for development. It is nothing like Twilio or Tropo.  It is a GUI-based development environment designed to give anyone the ability to create voice apps without the need to write code or set up a server to integrate with data and business logic.  

    More than 15,000 developers use Plum’s VoiceXML platform to build apps. Over the last 10 years we’ve talked to these developers as well as tens of thousands of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, about what they want in an voice platform.  With QuickFuse, we’re satisfying the customer demand for an intuitive cost-effective rapid application development platform that’s accessible to both developers and those with less technical expertise.  

    Anyone can try QuickFuse without setting up an account. Just go to http://quickfuseapps.com/ and click “try now” or “create an app.”  

    The QuickFuse team

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