6 thoughts on “Voxeo Gobbles Up Teleku”

  1. Your coverage of the Voxeo/Tropo acquisition of Teleku is stellar (as usual).

    What a roller coaster ride! I founded Teleku (http://teleku.com) on January 1, 2010 and wrote the technology myself using Ruby on Rails. Launched the service as a private beta in February and then later opened it to the public in March. We were TechCrunch’ed in April and my company was acquired today by Voxeo (http://voxeo.com), the leaders in the cloud communications space. Now we’re on GigaOm’s front page to bring it home!

    It goes to show what a single man working in the garage without funding can do in a trillion dollar telecom industry.

    Wait until you see what’s next!


  2. Hi Kelley – Voxeo only acquired Teleku.com. I am still the CEO of GetVocal, inc. and will continue to work on SurfByTel.com as time permits.

    My focus is with Voxeo and Tropo but I view Surf-By-Tel as my philanthropic project with the goal of helping visually impaired people access the internet with their voice and a simple telephone.

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