10 thoughts on “Qwest Buys OnFiber”

  1. yes. that is true. i think one should basically think that Q is going to get pretty aggressive in the business services space. secondly, if i remember, level 3 was one of the early backers of onfiber.

  2. i dont get it – if their sales and profits and outlook are all so good, why did they sell for such a low number?

  3. Speaking as a long-term HAPPY OnFiber customer… I’m a tad worried. OF has always been fast, nimble, and excellent to work with. Their operational staff are the best in the business. I really hope Qwest doesn’t meddle with a good thing. Somehow I feel like things won’t get better for us though.

  4. CEO Jim Crowe explained yesterday that the “””PUSH”” to get TelCove was to strike “”DEEP””” into the ACCESS LINES of the underbelly…
    The METRO PUSH is on…Level3 will have MORE aquisitions imho

  5. the long haul carriers need to get at large enterprises and data centers before the FCC, et al, make it impossible to work with the two remaining phone companies.

    note that OnFiber turns out to be a bonfire of investor capital. They raised and spent more than they sold for; and only after acquiring the bonfire that was telseon.

  6. Om – OnFiber was founded by Steve O’Hara. Jagdeep Singh and Drew Perkins came in later. Steve brought in Andy Bechtolsheim, who in turn introduced him to Vinod Khosla, who in turn introduced Jagdeep and Drew – who were both on their non-compete with Ciena (after the Lightera acquisition). Mike Guess was later name a co-founder as a condition of his joining the company.

    Just making sure history doesn’t get distorted or re-written.

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