7 thoughts on “Richard Branson: What Makes a Great Employee”

  1. Pity that doesn’t translate to his airline – I had a terrible experience flying back from Antigua with them where they dumped me there with very little support or information when they cancelled a flight. It certainly wasn’t routine and was only exceptional in how badly they dealt with us. Will never fly Virgin again now.

    1. Oh really — I have had some problems but they have bent over backwards afterwards to make things work for me. Damn shame you had a bad experience.

  2. I love Virgin but since they bought NTL over here in the UK their Virgin Media brand is a shocking tarnish on their reputation – poor product, poor service, real shame.

    1. Rob

      Hi, is there something specific we can help with?

      The Twitter team (@virginmedia) are there to help if needed, and if you want to drop them a line (twitter @ virginmedia.co.uk) with details on any problems they’ll be able to help.



      Alex Brown
      Customer Experience
      Virgin Media

  3. Om,

    While we don’t comment on private business practices, we can eagerly opine that the quote attributed to Mr. Branson is as our British friends say “spot-on”.

    No organization can hope to move forward without self-disciplined and self-motivated employees.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  4. A sucker employee will have the mule-like personality to do stupid stuff day after day, be a smart decision-maker like I am when I deem appropriate, and yet still work hard for me instead of himself.

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