3 thoughts on “For HTC, Android Brings Growth & Profits”

  1. If the iPhone didn’t exist I’d have an HTC-designed Android-based phone. Because Blackberry is — still — phone and email centric, I think HTC has the best shot at becoming the global version of what we had expected from Blackberry. Working closely with carriers, offering numerous models at different price points based on the same OS, and embracing the mobile web and apps will continue to pay off for them.

    And what is this Windows Mobile you speak of?

  2. Google’s Android operating system increased its market share by 5.2 percent in three months.ComScore lists Google in fourth place behind Research in Motion, Apple and Microsoft, but Google is quickly catching-up to them.

  3. Most Android users I know, myself included, wouldn’t buy any other brand of phone. Part of the reason is that HTC makes awesome phones, and another reason is that HTC doesn’t try to lock down our phones, so we can easily root them and make choices for ourselves.

    IMO, this is a win for those of us who like experimenting and programming, and it is a win for HTC when we show off what their phones are capable of doing.

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