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  1. Bluetooth, bluetooth, bluetooth.

    Why on god’s green earth does Verizon not stock phones that are targeted to the business/basic rich people segment with bluetooth. The headsets alone are reason enough for them not to mention all the other capabilities you can have with a stupid 5 dollar chip. Yes I know the Motorola v710 came out, but I got it and it was garbage, so I returned the 500 dollar piece of junk. I waited about 3 months for that phone and three days after I had it I went back to my POS v60. I hate verizon, but unfortunately they have a choke hold on good service in the east coast.

  2. “… and they always come out on time.” Hey, give us a break ! I have been nagging Samsung to publish release information on the SGH-i505 – does anyone remember when this palm OS smart phone was firstly announced ? – to no avail. For your information, this phone was announced in March 2003. Now entering Q4 of 2004, still no sign of life of what was a very promising PDA-phone combo. I personally have given up on this one. Thumbs down for Samsung for misleading the consumers. I’ll be buying the Motorola Mpx 220 soon with all consequences for my PDA needs !

  3. indeed. “always” is always a dangerous word. 😉

    you’re right though, the i505 is waaay late. good luck with motorola, however. hope that Mpx220 comes out on time. moto has a history of missing their holiday release dates.

  4. First, the reviewer neglected to mention that the A790 doesn’t have GPRS, so “MMS’ing the kids all those fun pictures of … jumping airport bars” is only possible if you happen to be in a U.S. airport. That’s the biggest missing feature of this phone, IMHO.

    Second, who Photoshopped that photo of the Philly skyline onto the external display in the photo above, and why? I know it’s Photoshopped because that’s my photo:


    That same photo was added to an A790 photo that was on phonescoop.com for a while, but it was a different photo of the A790, and it hasn’t been on phonescoop.com for months.

    I’m not complaining – this isn’t any kind of major copyright thing – I’m just curious. Kind of weird to see my photography show up on another site like this.

  5. Anyone knows of a model with Bluetooth? May be, in some other market — like Korea? If this is A-790, may be, there is an A-792 or something, that will let me use it with my laptop?

  6. I enjoy your comments and reports and wish you every success. Treo may have- thanks to T mobile- a new life. The units have been configured for real estate professionals to provide instant net access for properties- entries on properties- and an IR interface/lock for house doors that allows the Treo to open the door to a property- show who was there before- and add you to the list.
    All this and memory and more– for half the user price- and on a membership rental agreement in Houston for about $30 per month. Just shows that apps drive hardware.

    Chuck Bird

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