16 thoughts on “Angel Funded In A Loo”

  1. Always read your blog with interest. This last column suddenly made me sit up. You are 39 and you are into the thick of things. I am almost there (37) and all I have to show is one “failed” venture! Time to get off my a** and do something NOW. Thanks.

  2. “Ookles!” (oo’-kulz) (n.): (1) the sound made by an entrepreneur after relieving himself; (2) the exclamation made by the same entrepreneur upon closing a round of funding.

    congrats scott.

    om, nice… uh… “scoop”.

  3. I used to work with Scott Johnson at a startup in Cambridge MA and I walked into the bathroom on more than one occasion to hear him talking on his phone while taking care of his other business, not surprised to hear him at it again!!

  4. As I said on Sam Ruby’s page (and I’m now even more certain of this), I don’t buy the whole “embrace and extend” paranoia about Apple’s photocasting situation.

    Hanlon’s Razor:

    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

    Certainly, there is some danger here, as I’m sure Dave realizes. But it’s just an issue with not enough community interaction as a result of the quest for secrecy. Given enough pressure, I’m optimistic that future products have a good chance of having their RSS/Atom validated before they try to ship it. With any luck, the iPhoto/iTunes guys might confer with the Safari guys about how feeds are supposed to work, or (perhaps this is too much to hope) with, say Mark Pilgrim, under NDA.

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