5 thoughts on “When Is A Good Time To Sell?”

  1. Excellent and timely Podcast, Om. Immensely enjoyed listening to the debate. One quick point on the discussion. Neal talked about the dilemma entrepreneurs face–ie whether to raise capital from VCs, or get acquired by Big companies, to scale their business. Both have their pros and cons. While a big company can instantly provide you with the resources (manpower, capital etc), to scale, they can can also very easily kill your product (Niall’s point). Alternately, raising capital from VC also affects the destiny of the company, in that on some occasions, VCs may chose to infuse more and more capital into a company in the hope of making it into the next big thing ( say a Google, Yahoo, MS, or CISCO), thereby affecting the “exit by acquisition” prospects of the company. We have all heard of the tales in 1999 and 2000, where some VCs refused to accept attractive acquisition offers because they had the misplaced ambition of hitting a home run at the expense of the company.

  2. Nice podcast Om. Regarding the comment you made about Cisco’s pattern of buying small companies- they just broke the mould and bought SA for $7 bn. What was their motivation there? Recently there was another news that Cisco wants to get into the CE business. Maybe a few more acquisitions are coming up.

  3. moo,

    i think linksys and SA and KISS are three deals that get them into the new markets. but their historical patterns haven’t changed all that much. I think they will make some plays. surely enough!

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