20 thoughts on “Savvis CEO spent $241,000 On Lap Dances?”

  1. Hmmm…. my hosting contract is up for renewal. I wonder what perks they’ll be offering me to switch to Savvis.

  2. one would think just owning up and paying would be “priceless” in relation to his now destroyed character. WTF was he not thinking about!

  3. What they don’t say is that there were more than 3 guest…a lot more. Also lots of very expensive bottles of champagne, etc. There were fingerprints, signed statements acknowledging sobriety, etc. faxed to AMEX every hour. Scores was protecting themselves and this guy is toast.

  4. 241k? I can’t spend $241 at Scores without getting ice cream on my shirt. Viagra must have been running deep that night. Maybe Pfizer will hire this guy?

  5. Being as I personally know many who not only work at Savvis here in St. Louis, but know the higher ups as well, I dont think much will happen. He also bought a new place at Lake Tahoe for the Company vacation spot, but he is the only a few get to go. Not to mention the special trips to Thailand for the board and upper management.
    Its a company run by young guys with Egos who are very well connected. With strong ties and sensitive business with the New York Stock exchange, US Dept Defense, Microsoft, Own majority of Cable and Wireless , and much more. It came out of the ashes of another company that failed mostly due to the same reasons, but this time they went right into the throat of the beast and secured a spot with the big boys for protection. Bobby really doesnt care about this at all, as this is such a small thing to him. It will take some time and he will be in charge of his company once again. The old St. Louis Kiel center will still have the Savvis name on it, the junkets to Thailand will continue, and if he has to pay it back, the shareholders will pay it without even knowing it. He doesnt like lose at things like this.

  6. Just wondering what Reuters thinks, being as they are one of Savvis long time customers and Bob even has a penthouse in NY and has “company get together” there often. As well as many of the other board members and upper management visit it as well?
    *lol* god, I wonder what some of their wives think ! I know a couple of them who are not going to be happy now. They suspected hubbies were playing around, but now , is this the smoking gun for that? Oh my my Bobby, what have you done?

  7. I forgot all about this until I drove past Savvis tonight on the way home, but its really fitting for what is going on. There WC in St. Louis area is the old World Com building! Could it be a curse ! *LOL*
    Capitalistic America at its best!

  8. >>>That is suppose to be
    Their World Corporate Offices…

    And it still has the World Com logo hanging from the roof!

  9. This is too good. An acquaintance of mine with much closer ties than myself, in fact this person is very very very , butt kissing close, ties to Bobby and friends, suggested that at least one of the other fun loving boys with Bob that night was a very high ranking Stock exchange board member??? True?? dont know, but I do know the source personally, as well as know a lot of what happens in the Savvy Savvis hierarchy first hand, so I would assume it has to be true.
    I am sure one thing has been learned from all of this. Bobby will have to keep his love of sex , and the boys nights out, out of the country from now on. After all,its said he does prefer the younger ones in thailand anyway. I knew his ego would catch up with him someday.

  10. I am right now in a PR class. This case I am doing right now. Trying to put a spin on it of how to make McCormick look good. Any ideas? Does anyone know about his family? Anything to help me out?

  11. Actually I’m kinda curious about who the people are that are posting here…

    Perhaps someone that spends to much time in the Yahoo Message boards…

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