8 thoughts on “SIPphone on Rupert Murdoch’s Radar?”

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  2. I have been disappointed in the progress on the Gizmo Project. It came out somewhat interesting, but has not really improved.

  3. That’s classic Michael … he starts a project, gets it going, and then moves on to something else. i guess being focussed on a single project is not his strength. perhaps that’s why you and others find gizmo project stuck in the second gear. i am pretty certain with enough resources, this could be a mega play.

  4. Who even cares about Gizmo’s user base…it is the client and backend that matters. Gizmo + MySpace would be such a massive deal. 50 mm active users with MySpace with a new IM network + voice would make the network almost as big as AIM in the US. Plus when you pull out the MySpace users from AIM (aim is very lame), you would have a network maybe even bigger than AIM.

    Plus, Gizmo does Mac, PC and Linux. No one, not G Talk, AIM, not MSN, not AOL have all these platforms.

    Anyway, I would be stoked to see myspace + gizmo.

  5. sipphone (mickey mouse) and newscorp ( the giant) in partnership with a mouse who cannot even roar? never….
    sipphone support and staff act like primadonnas,they think the world owes them a living…..no way…jose
    chances of newscorp acquiring an operation like sipphone is slim or none….newscorp owned telecom companies 1000x larger than sipphone, and decided to let it go.

  6. sipphone/gizmo project would definitely be a cool fit here. i’d love to have a tool to use with myspace. i’ve used gizmo a bit and always had a good experience, but never had to deal with support.

    i must say that there’s a lot of speculation in this article. how many of these rumors end up being true anyway?

  7. Dude, as a bigtime Gizmo user, I love that thing. I don’t use MySpace but everyone I know does. Like an earlier post, I would think the two together would give AOL a real run for its money. Plus MySpace is all about dating, so P2P phone would make that place the biggest friggin hook-up service ever. I guess I better get a MySpace page going.

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