5 thoughts on “Scott McNealy: Meg Whitman will be good for HP”

  1. jody (Jody Friday, September 23 2011

    Isn’t he the guy who ran SUN into the grond)
    to answer your question no he was the guy the put java in almost every machine you use. alo most comunication system around the world rely on systems built by scott mcnealy’s company. he then sold to oracle and has started another great educational site.

  2. Can you comment on Webb McKinney? I asked Om about this pick as HP CEO. Webb was at HP for 34 years and undersatnds the culture and values; I think morale is currently low and had been since Fiorina. I wonder why Meg won’t reverse any of Leo’s drastic decisions?


    Do you think she should reverse any decisions? And do you think the board should be replaced entirely?

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