6 thoughts on “Search’s Bad Week”

  1. Om, surely you would know better than me; but I got the impression that Josh was kidding. After all, much of the stuff he did could be construed as illegal (stalking, using the internet to anonymously annoy with insect candy, searching for porn [since everybody knows Whitehouse.com is a porn site, even if it’s not]). If I were him I wouldn’t want those transcripts falling into (goes without saying, inept) government hands.

  2. Om, great podcast as usual. Why do you say “its a little too late” as far as net neutrality is concerned? It is well known that internet companies cannot match the Bells’ lobbying power, but can the Bells actually get away with it this time? Maybe if the internet companies had had the foresight to make a lot of noise right after the Brand X decision, things would not have come so far.

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