25 thoughts on “Say Tello For Presence”

  1. john scully? as in john scully who killed apple by handing it to bill gates. he should be punshied and send to prison, not have a voip startup. i haven’t tried his services it yet, because i use the OS he tried to kill….so for now i’ll stay with skype….and he should crawl into a cave somewhere in a desert island and disapear. who would invest in a person like him….seriously…..hope he’s gotten smarter than what he used to be.

  2. michael, good point. i think on the flip side, there is the option of people not being able to find you. so i am sure that is an upside of this technology. which by the way, i make full disclosure, i have not used it so don’t know first hand if it works or not.

  3. I don’t think they have to worry about competition from Microsoft. The last thing corporate IT people want is another Microsoft application to manage. Now if Microsoft gives the finger to antitrust and bundles this with Outlook, that may be a problem.

  4. I think the cool thing about Tello is that it does not matter if you use skype or aol messenger, your local pstn, a blackberry (or your land line if you still have one in this new era of communications!) The Tello client allows you to “connect with eachother” through the federated services this company is providing. It enables communication across boarders no matter how you wish to “talk”.

  5. hmmmm, they really coulda used some advice from a designer during this launch. While the technology behind Tello appears to have some merit the casual browser (aks, non-geek) is going to skip over this site before they blink.

    I like the concept, now let’s work on the communication.

  6. I’m sorry, but Tello bores me, and the only viable reason for the coverage they’ve received is their pedigree. Presence is not new. Their vision is clever (if a bit Orwellian), but the product doesn’t yet deliver on that vision. There are far too many disconnected pieces to achieve widespread adoption.

    A better solution? Provide a framework with an API for integrating everything (IM, VoIP, POTs, etc.). Parter with one or two key players, and provide incentives for others to develop plug-in connectors. This lets everyone take advantage of the concept without forcing them to switch tools (i.e. using Gizmo Project or Google Talk instead of Skype).

  7. It appears that Tello has bit the dust. The main phone line (650-581-2400) is permanently busied out and the website has not been updated in months. The website confirms that before winding down the company had no real management team left. The CTO, Alan Johnston, the VP Engineering, ?, the VP of Marketing, Kevin Gavin, and all the founders fled in rapid succession with the culmination of the CEO, Doug Renert, being asked to lock the door behind him.

    Apparently all Tello accomplished was cash burn and flowery PR.

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