10 thoughts on “VoIP, Not Just For Cheap Calls”

  1. The problem with In-Stat is they deal only with “subscriptions.” I bet if you factor in the number of people who do some portion of their calling using SIP-based/Skype/or some other proprietary client that does not require a service plan the number would be a double digit percentage in relation to the 3 billion worldwide lines.

  2. jesse, i think it is “old numbers” paragim they are comparing. as i pointed out, that one needs to treat skype etc seperately. but i see and appreciate your insight.

  3. In two to three months from now you will have your Mac-VoIP application including a plugin for Apple Address Book… and now the demo will work!

  4. In Europe, the Open Source world is also bubbling on the voice front: Voipster and Wengo are integrating their VoIP clients with the Firefox web browser! Keep your eyes on OpenWengo, the extension will support OSX 🙂

  5. We have built a learning application for school students that has vApps like functionality built into it. Didnt know that we could charge for it 🙂 And, we have some cool features that vApps does not support, like multiple party conferencing, integration with real-time video/audio and a near real-time whiteboard with Instant messaging.

    Om – thanks for the idea.


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