6 thoughts on “Shake, Rattle & Roll at Yahoo”

  1. Terry’s background is one that Yahoo can use but the course of direction was never set. What I mean by that is Terry has a better grasp of content creation than anyone in the tech field. Major moneymaking content creation, not user generated bullcrap that’s hot right now but will be ho hum in a couple of years… why isn’t the company playing to that strength?

    Yahoo could be the hottest portal around but I think the culture is against allowing it to have that pizazz. Unfortunately, folks in silicon valley forget that America LOVES flash and I’m not talking the Adobe kind.

    My message to the Yahoos: When you come out of the companywide introspective phase refocus and use your strengths. You have more than everyone else, you just have to wake up, smell the coffee and realize it. Stop sleeping already!!!

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  3. not so much about terry leaving as it is about who fills those shoes.

    not sure decker has the vision, altho she appears to be a capable numbers & operations person.

    still, that doesn’t strike me as being the big gaping void in the org — they need someone like Jobs to set the course, then someone like Decker can hold the rudder to steer the ship to get there. but without a leader setting the compass point, they are just another really big ship becalmed.

  4. Dan R leaving Yahoo is a major loss for the company. Having worked with Dan, I know how committed, passionate and effective he is. This is the beginning of the end for Yahoo…

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