13 thoughts on “Sifry Resigns, Layoffs At Technorati”

  1. I can tell you how Technorati lost me to Google Blogsearch:

    When I search something in blogs I put the regarding search words in the small window on the upper right sight of my Firefox. There I can choose between lots of search engines that I have installed as Firefox plugins. When I compare the search results, I see that Technorati gives me three text results and lots of photo and video stuff that just bores me. They call it “Quick View”. Instead Google gives me text search results like I know it from their web search enginge. Technorati worked like this as well, until some months ago.

    Technorati lost me with their redesign. I don’t like the new “Quick View” feature.

  2. They were great until they changed their business model. I hope somebody buys them and puts them back on track. It was the best blog search engine.

  3. I don’t like Technorati much for blog search – Google’s Blog search seems more capable. I think Technorati’s current lead comes from its services for bloggers – e.g. rankings, etc.

  4. Despite the fact that Technorati has never come close to being an appropriate and/or complete service, it is, for lack of a better word, an institution. If you’re a blogger, you’re checking your ranking on a very regular basis. You’re looking for trends. Scoping out the “competition.” But if you’re using it as a search vehicle, you will see poor results (blogspam, for one,) and an “advanced search” that is pretty useless (sort? anyone? by date? authority? category?). You could bake a loaf of bread by the time the search is complete.

    Technorti is a great idea that never met its potential. I truly hope they pull through. I can’t imagine blogging without it.

  5. I didn’t understand the lure of technorati until I started wanting to get statistics on blogs. Their internal blog ranking is useful, yet I can see google blog search replacing that as well. May just be another example of how first to market isn’t enough.

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