4 thoughts on “SIPphone's New Callback Service, Gizmo5”

  1. Looking at the beta, seems the N80 download is java rather than a native/fast s60 application. Hope the final version is actually S60 3rd.

  2. it requires a net connection to load it
    I think we need more options with no internet connection. Dial local number and get in.. Alot of folks are afraid to connect via cell$$$. Jajah has it right about hardware but missed it on software while MOBIVOX hit it ..
    a local number and youre talking…

  3. Om:
    I guess gizmo5 has lot more features to offer than jajah. Jajah is a pure voice calling service that provides easy interfaces like web and mobile to call different destinations, which includes international calling.
    Not sure why gizmo5 doesnt use sms signalling instead of data connection. Would be more reliable compared to data connection. Also, another thing not clear is why would they charge the user twice for calling any of their IM contacts. Considering one of the leg as IP, they should charge users only once.
    I have written some thoughts of mine about gizmo and other callback services in my blog.


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