6 thoughts on “Site Alert: We Are Making Some Changes”

  1. Hilton

    We are trying to get to the bottom of this problem. We did all the testing on our end on all sorts of combination of browsers and operating systems and were confident enough to pull the lever. Well, nothing is done till it is done.

    Stay tuned and thanks for sharing so quickly,


  2. Thanks for the note, Om!
    Pretty sure it’ll be sorted out quickly.
    You’re an inspiration and one of the successes drving me to build my own tech news/blog site here in Africa.

  3. @all thanks guys — constantly trying to make it easier for folks to read. i know sometimes we get carried away with the new stuff that we don’t fix what we got. glad to see you all like it. we also have our mast head as well so now you can take a closer look at the team as well 🙂

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