11 thoughts on “News Flash: Google Was Never Yahoo's Friend”

  1. Again straight to the point Om. Particularly: “Freezing Yahoo! into inactivity”.

    Shame Yahoo! allowed Google to mislead them so much. It seems some gut feeling and basic strategic planning is seriously missing from the team at Yahoo!?! Are they really so desperate? Maybe they need some executives that have lived with no money, and have looked a liar (Google) in the eye, rather than focussing on academics that are good with numbers or paperwork? This way they could deal as businessmen, rather than tech legends. Maybe they need someone like Alan Sugar to mentor them into reality?

    It cannot amount to a healthy market as Google continues to increase it’s monopoly on search, and play evil games like this. Well they were the ones to tip the market, and Yahoo! still went begging. Tragic.

    @ Lex Luthor – interesting take on the other side of the coin. A monopoly is surely not healthy for shareholders in the long term?

  2. google has outperformed yahoo because they r able to adapt and anticipate better thn yahoo. I didnt see the two co’s working together as well. Yahoo should just sell to Microsoft

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