4 thoughts on “WiMAX Broadband Is Coming To the Boonies”

  1. Bill Beans was president and COO of ICG Communications and responsible for day-to-day operations of the company. ICG’s stock tanked in 2000 to less than $2 per share from above $39 per share just six months prior, after the company revealed severe customer service problems and cut its growth forecasts way down from previous guidance.

    Beans was personally named as a defendant in a shareholder lawsuit alleging securities fraud. The plaintiffs argued that he encouraged inflated line counts, an important metric for Wall Street in determining the health of LECs. Beans and his co-defendant, former ICG Chairman and CEO J. Shelby Bryan, settled out of court for $18 million.


    Bean’s new company, Open Range Communications, had just 15 employees as of May. Hardly sufficient to build out a WiMAX network of the scale they’re aiming for.


  2. @Telecom observer

    Clearly the network will be built out, and likely managed, by an equipment vendor. Slemons’ time at AT&T Wireless was marked by massive outsourcing of network design and deployment functions. I think the real (business) story here is who wins the contract.

  3. I doubt very much any of the equipment vendors want anything to do with this. Look at the spectrum — two separate bands of ATC spectrum, very funky. I believe they’re using “WiMAX” as a buzzy term, rather than to denote actual gear certified by The WiMAX Forum.

    Just look at the speeds they’re offering: 1.5/512. Not at all 4G, as they claim on their web site. Compare this to the Xohm launch in Baltimore with average speeds of 4/2.

    Of course, they’re not even “offering” those speeds — they have no product. They’ve been searching for sales partners and distributors for months now: “Open Range will be evaluating candidates to become dealers in its communities. Currently we are requesting inquiries for Northern Colorado – specifically Ft. Collins, Greeley, Loveland and Longmont.”

    That message has been there since May.

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