11 thoughts on “With Eye on Future, Microsoft Offer Startups Freebies”

  1. Obviously, this is a good idea for MSFT. They have the opportunity to lock in potential large customers without much risk of revenue cannibalization.

    But the the phrase, “the first taste is always free” kept running through my mind as I was reading this post.

  2. I took a look at what was on offer, as our start up is still under the US$1m mark (6 months in). We are not anti-MS and happily use MS Office on XP & Vista, but pretty much develop on a LAMP stack & non-MS dev tools. We use Photoshop for graphics and Google Apps for mail.

    Even if we got all this software, something like Expression Blend has no value as the cost of training to use something different is more expensive than Adobe CS. We can use Express versions of MS tools if we need something like a small C# app.

    So this announcement helped focus my attention that surprisingly, we really don’t need MS tools even if they are free. And remember that they are not entirely free; if we switched from MySQL to SQLServer, then rewriting code costs, and deployment for our customers gets more expensive and complex.

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  4. this will help microsoft to get some open source market because people don’t use ms technologies due to the cost but with this more and more developers will use ms technologies

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