8 thoughts on “Six Million and one Paris Hilton Now PodCasting”

  1. Yawn. Paris Hilton is meant to be seen, not heard. Call me when she starts PSPcasting from her private video collection.

    (BTW, I can’t seem to get this blog to email me a new password for comment posting. Om? What’s the 411?)

  2. i would like the psp casting of her private video collection as well. sorry about the password crap. i am running the site in safe mode because of the recent crash. should get it back on line soon and all be normal. sorry about the delays

  3. paris hilton is a white sexy slut who sleeps with everyone and I hit so that’s the only thing I wanted to do

  4. Love her or hate her, you have to agree that Paris and/or her marketing machine is currently re-writing the look entitled “How to Stay in the Public Eye for Years.”

    “The Paris Hilton Podcast” is simply brilliant marketing. The more I study the marketing behind Paris’ success, the more I am impressed with her marketing savvy to push the right buttons for top exposure and PR. Moreover, this is not just a function of money. There’s other people, companies, and organizations with more financial clout than the Hiltons, but it is the Paris Hilton marketing group that “gets it.”

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