6 thoughts on “Vonage IPO plans on the shelf?”

  1. Bankers on Wall Street have been saying they can’t take Vonage publuc w/ Citron as the primiary shareholder, CEO, and director for the company. Also, there is talk that the window of opportunity for Vonage is quickly closing to go public or get acquired because all the majors who could afford to buy the company have launched or are launching their own competing service.

  2. tom – excellent points you make. i had been hearing the same thing as well, but the rpoblem is that investment bankers can do anything for banking fees

  3. Carlos Bhola former President of Vonage just raised $150 million for his new Celsius Capital. Carlos can lead the next Vonage series from what they tell me.

  4. Scoot,

    The information you mention on Carlos stealing competitive information from Vonage to steal the company is not correct and corroberated.

    Forbres magazine describes how Carlos tried to start his own company.

    The reason which Forbes cannot mention is that Citron planned a massive dilution of the initial investors and Carlos knew of his plan. Nobody likes to take a dilution.

    Jeff Pulver is one of the first Vonage inventors and he recently even blogged that his position in Vonage stock have a “serious dilution”

    None of the follow on investments you mentioned were binding. Only herbal.

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