16 thoughts on “After New iPhone App Launch, Skype Ready With 2-Way Video Calls on Nokia N900”

  1. Yeah, Fring has had this on Symbian phones since last November.

    As for the N900, I believe there are at least 100K of them in circulation.

  2. By the end of the year for Android is too late in my opinion. Others will be pulled into that vacuum. Prioritizing Nokia over Android was a mistake for that video feature if you ask me.


    1. “Prioritizing Nokia over Android was a mistake for that video feature if you ask me.”

      Unlike iPhone and Android, where Skype app is a normal 3rd party app, made entirely by Skype company, on N900 Skype is tightly integrated into the Maemo OS and mostly done by Nokia (albeit with some Skype’s support)…

      Unless you are talking about the Symbian version of Skype, which is a different story…

  3. Actually, two-way video calling on N900 was available at least a week before it was even announced on iPhone! Please get your facts straight!

    1. Denix

      Pardon me, but are you in a beta program? I think when Skype exec tells me that they are launching it this week, well I am going to take his word over yours. So from that standpoint, I do have my facts right.

      And secondly, two way calling on iPhone is not available.

      1. I wish I was part of a beta program! 🙂

        No, the Video Calling in Skype came to N900 as part of PR1.2 firmware. It was available in Asia since early May and rolled OTA globally last week:


        BTW, two-way video in Google Talk was available before, although you could not initiate such calls, only receive them… They also say video support was also added to SIP calls in PR1.2, but I haven’t tried them yet.

        I don’t really know why Skype exec gave you wrong info, but looks like they are after mass market to make money (charging for Skype-to-Skype calls over 3G on iPhone starting in September?)

        And you are right, iPhone cannot even do two-way video calling due to the lack of front-facing camera (yet?) – I referred to the yesterday-announced 2.0 Skype for iPhone, which brings voice calling over 3G…

    2. “BTW, two-way video in Google Talk was available before, although you could not initiate such calls, only receive them…”

      You got me there Denix. Can you elaborate more on this very strange one. Though again I admit for not knowing anything about it.

      1. There is nothing to it – go to http://google.com/talk and install Google Talk Video chat plug-in (available for Windows and Mac). Then you can call someone on N900 and have a two-way video chat. Unfortunately, you can’t initiate Google Talk video call from N900, for some reason…

      2. You can initiate Google Talk video call from N900. In the contacts application, you need to go to Settings and make sure that the ‘Display video calling option’ is checked. Then whenever one of your Google contacts is online with a camera enabled device, you get the option to initiate a video call and can initiate a Google Talk video call just fine.

      3. @generationally,

        Hmm, interesting. I just checked the Settings in the Contacts app and I do have “Display video calling option” enabled. But I still cannot initiate the video call from N900 to video-enabled Google Talk contact. Do I also need to run a separate client on Windows? As I’m only running it in a browser with Video plugin…

      4. @denix,

        I just need to open Gmail in Firefox on my Mac (which has the GoogleTalk Video plugin enabled) and as soon as I’m logged in to Gmail then the GoogleTalk video call option shows up on the N900 under my own contact info. Also other contacts show the video call option if they are at a video enabled device.

        So it seems to work for me at least…

  4. Denix is correct, Skype and Google Talk video calling has been available since the release of the 1.2 firmware revision. I was confused when I saw this article online, now I see Skype gave you bad information.

  5. Skype and Nokia have a carrier-agnostic agreement. Skype chooses not to allow the OVI Store in the USA to download it’s Symbian client. I wonder if they’ll try to make Symbian users pay for 3G skype calls or if it continue to be free.

  6. There are actually a lot more than 100,000, those recent figures were actually over a 5 week period not 5 month it just takes web news a while to catch up(if they will at all).

    Skype on N900 will be interesting although I have used video calling on the Hutchison 3G network for years with many different phones.

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