5 thoughts on “Now you can use your home phone for Skype calls”

  1. Very nice. This was just begging to get done, since ATAs (other than MagicJack) are so damned complicated to configure for most people (http://goo.gl/y1OcW).

    I hope the device has at least 3 REN (power to ring 3 old phones, or 5 modern ones), so we can wire this into our 110 blocks and cover entire homes.

  2. Agree. For mass adoption, folks w/o Skype accounts should get them as part of “phone” (should be combo of phone + adapter + account that is slickly packaged and marketed together) such that your avg user has near zero perceived work or fear of unknown as compared to buying a POTS phone and plugging it in).

    Note: Google *could* do similar via Motorola, Android, Grand Central w/ many more hurdles but some added potential benefits as well: http://goo.gl/xL6gK

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