One thought on “Key exec Ojanperä leaves Nokia, starts VC fund”

  1. Om, you’re much more generous to Tero Ojanperä than I’m inclined to be. I think he was the worst sort of foot soldier for Nokia – arrogant and blind – and that as a consequence he has been a key contributor the company’s demise.

    Witness his continued dismissive sniping, while Nokia was still in a position of some strength, at the iPhone and “that fruit company from Cupertino”. Tero ignored the writing on the wall, with what seemed to be derisory glee, even as the flames were licking at his ankles. He will wear the embarassment of that strategic blunder for the remainder of his career. Unfortunately it was not just Tero who was given his comeuppance by the iPhone’s dramatic ascendancy but Nokia as a whole.

    Elop is a whole different kettle of disappointment but then anybody from Microsoft, that declining force of bloatware (and the true “burning platform”) would likely have disappointed in exactly the same insipid, join-the-dots, uninspired kind of way. A sad end to a once great company and a tragedy that workers of such skill have been so poorly served by a sluggish and inept board.

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