5 thoughts on “Sling Media Goes Mobile, Finally”

  1. Stupid idea.

    Better – download the free software at http://www.orb.com, run it on any PC with a tuner card (with or without Windows Media Center), now “placeshift” without buying a $250 proprietary slingbox and proprietary player.

    view live TV on your Sprint PPC-6700 phone using only your $15 unlimited EVDO data plan.

    Stream your DVR files, live TV, videos, and your full music collection without proprietary meathooks from yet another vendor special hardware or paid service.

    Bye bye Tivo…

    Again, no proprietary Sprint Vision or other “mobile phone specific TV service”.

  2. Don’t forget about WiFi. The 6700 has WiFi.

    And by the way that is a fake image on the screen in the photo. The 6700 screen is portrait mode when the keyboard is covered by the screen. When the keyboard is extended (as shown in the photo) the screen switches to landscape mode (aka rotate screen counter-clockwise by 90 degrees to view) — so that the keyboard and screen are visually oriented the same way. In other words — that’s a fabricated image…

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