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  1. Totally off topic:

    Does anyone know anything more about this:

    In what appears to be early-stage discussions, Microsoft and Yahoo are considering a merger or some kind of match-up that would pair their respective strengths, people familiar with the situation say. The two companies explored a combination a year ago, but those talks went nowhere. Shares of Yahoo soared in early trading in Europe Friday.



  2. One other thing to consider about involving the community in the production process is that you end up with a better product. For Threadless, I would take their thousands of t-shirt designers over a single “expert” anyday. For us here at 8020 Publishing, the JPG Magazine community helps to produce a better and more relevant photography magazine than those staffed by “professional” photographers and writers.

  3. Great post Om! We’ve made Moo cards our official business cards here at work and everybody absolutely loves them. At conferences, where everybody and their grandmother is handing out cards, Moo cards stand out and tend to get noticed a lot more than regular cards.

  4. Great insight Om.

    Our company takes a Web 2.0 approach to the boring and painful world of timesheets. For free, our members create an account where they can originate or join a project for reporting, approval and collection of timesheets.

    The biggest feature of our business is working with our members to incorporate their ideas for simplify the process for all parties involved (workers, managers, administrators, and/or clients). By involving them in an ongoing way, we get a better service and they get a better way of doing things. This is the new model for business processes which are necessary, but provide no real competitive advantage. For example, email is necessary, but provides no competitive advantage.

    If you’d like to learn more about us and our community of users, go to http://www.timeXchange.net or drop me an email.

    Thanks again for the insightful post. You really do get it.

  5. I just bought 100 Moo cards, and will buy more. Great print quality, nice finish on the photos.

    But they were $25 with shipping. At 25 cents each, they are anything but cheap!

  6. Great piece, Om — thanks. @ Dave (just above): if I can hand out quarters and get dollars in return, I’ll do it in a minute.

    Just my 25 cents. 😉

  7. threadless and spreadshirt are just slightly different spins on the original – cafepress.com (since 99)

  8. Fantastic Article. Very well thought out and put together. At those price points, I am tempted to just set up a shop to better understand the process in total.

    Keep up the great work!

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