7 thoughts on “Social apps & doing the right thing”

  1. What is trust?

    Trust is a tradeoff between different risk factors. Therefor it is seen differently by person, age, experience in any of the risk factors and …. It’s in general more like an analog, what will flip if any or all risk factors go over a personal acceptable level.

    As for this risk, may I suggest the people who think no biggy read up on tcpdump. Just one doesn’t know or think nothing can happen means it will not happen or nobody can or will do it. Then think of data finds data or cross correlation and that I got a firewall whith has rules and data in a conventional db connected to kernels, means it can run massive parallel (correlation)…

  2. Yes, that’s where this discussion should be headed. Finding out the dimensions of the mess, and then cleaning it up. Quickly and deliberately, without any side-trips into the personalities of reporters and bloggers.

    1. Agreed I think it is important enough issue that instead of finger pointing we start talking amongst ourselves and come up with best practices for this changing reality of social/apps.

      1. funny, I never needed to have a discussion with my gardener that he is not supposed to go through my mailbox while he is there on the property.

  3. This is a really old phenomenon. I had just acquired my iPhone 3G and downloaded the app Fring. To my consternation, I immediately found my whole address book sucked up in their app and to their servers.

    I was really annoyed and even wrote an email to Late Steve Jobs’ public email address. Nothing happened.

    Shortly after, WSJ also wrote a piece on what information the apps were pulling, storing un-securely and relaying to their own servers. It was like party time for the apps, with no concern about who owns what data on the device.

    It’s like you got a contractor in your house to clean the carpet and they proceed on to go through your mail.

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