11 thoughts on “Southwest Airlines To Offer Inflight Broadband”

  1. I was surprised recently when I looked under the seats of an American Airlines S-80. Power outlets! Maybe they don’t advertise this fact because too many users might overload the circuits?

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  2. Amen, Benoit, that’s what I’ve been saying about in-flight wifi for the past year or more. I don’t care if it’s cheap or even if it’s free, my laptop’s battery wipes out after an hour. And of the many airports I visit every year, very very few have enough outlets to go around when at least half the travelers present need to charge.

  3. Agree with Constance – I was in Seattle/Tacoma recently & looked for an outlet at the gate so I wouldn’t burn battery waiting to board the plane.


    I do have better luck re: battery, though; the high capacity battery I got with my Dell Vostro lasts almost 4 hours (I know because my son & I watched 3 plus episodes of “Band of Brothers” each way on our trip).

  4. Regarding airport outlets, I always take a three-way plug splitter with me when traveling. That way no one objects when I show up to share an outlet.

  5. That’s awesome. There are times when I am making a coast-to-coast flight that I need access to the computer to check email. Though most of Southwest’s legs aren’t that long, it is still great to know that we can access the internet, if needed.

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