14 thoughts on “The eBay Shuffle: Donahoe to Replace Whitman”

  1. Looks like one last blunder before Meg hits the road. BTW, I wonder if she’s sought treatment after paying Skype BBBillion $$$$.

  2. That Forbes article pretty much spells it out.
    I think Meg got lucky. There’s that old saw about even a bad manager can manage when times are good, their flaws show when times aren’t and your recognize they’re bad. That seems to be Whitman.

  3. Om, two questions:
    1. Wasn’t Rajiv Dutta spoken of as CEO-to-be not so long ago? Why did he get shunted by Donahoe?
    2. Is there a glass ceiling for desis in Silicon Valley? First Vyomesh Joshi and now Rajiv Dutta…

  4. Samir

    I think it was more of his Skype-experience that worked against Dutta. On the glass celing stuff, well I don’t know. Shantanu is the CEO of Adobe Systems and he is person of indian origin.

    I think bigger the company the more complex is the situation. Those might be the issues around Dutta and Joshi.

  5. Om,

    you’ll note that Skype still does not have a CEO. The headhunting under Meg got to a final candidate, someone out of the UK with European roots and a mobile background. Of late the Skype team has been very non-mobile oriented, almost attacking of mobile in some comments I’m hearing.

    It will be interesting who ebay appoints to run Skype.

  6. It’s going to be interesting.

    To be honest, I’m looking forward to what changes are they going to implement, and what new products are coming up. That’s always an indication of how these newly appointed executives do their job. I mean, to be at such a level- it better be good!

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