10 thoughts on “Speakeasy Says No FoN Deal”

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  2. Perhaps people from USA thinks Fon is a well-known and great project, here in Spain. Martin Varsavsky has got that skill, it is what he does best: he gets everybody thinks many important companies and people is supporting his projects. The problem is how he does: he lies all the time. This is not the first time somebody says “what he said about us and Fon is not true” (for example, 3 months ago he claimed in his blog he had got an agreement with Jazztel, and nearly the same for Telefonica).

    Now he’s got some money for the project (a very small part of the amount they would need to create a global network, anyway), but I wonder… he owns more than 500 million dollars, why doesn’t he use EVEN ONE million dollar of his own money to support Fon?

    I think that Fon is, since the first moment, vaporware. It isn’t working anywhere, no ISP from Spain wanted to support them, Martin doesn’t put any money to support the project… The only thing the project generates is news (Martin is an expert in this area).

    In my opinion, he’s trying to get what he got with Jazztel: he raised 1200 million dollars for the project and sold his part of the enterprise as soon as he could.

    Attending at what I’ve read about the project, the goal is the same: he is not working in order to people get wifi access to Internet through Fon (in fact, nobody’s got that access by the moment), he is just working to get that somebody puts the money to take it and run.

    Anyway, Jazztel was a different history: I think Martin really wanted Jazztel to be a working project. Now I suppose Martin is much more experimented: I bet this time he will get the money much earlier.

    PS: if you’re interested in Jazztel, it’s a funny history: when he leaved the enterprise, investors had spended 1200 million dollars and the companied only got 10,000 clients (although it dedicated 6 millions to advertisements evey year), but he had got his goal: he was 300 million dollars richer than before.

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