6 thoughts on “Sprint Nextel sues Vonage for patent infringement”

  1. Does anyone know what the patent numbers are that Sprint/Nextel allege are being infringed? Sprint site does not list them in the press release.

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  3. Martin

    It does sound ridiculous but you have to remember that Sprint-Nextel is in close alliance/partnerships with many cable-co’s helping them provide their own Voice-over-packet offerings to compete with Vonage. So there may be a shared interest behind the lawsuit. All in all it seems almost frivolous.


  4. the real inventor of the patents listed here was not an sprint employee. interestingly his name does not appear as the inventor on any of the patents listed! i spoke to him today and he mentioned there were actually 20+ patents that sprint has filed without his name as the inventor in the filing! i am sure soon both sprint & vonage will be hearing from him.

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