15 thoughts on “A terabyte mail box…”

  1. Gotta love their spiel – Attachment sizes remain small and restrictive, and ads plague certain email systems. – and then down below – maximum attachment size 10 MB

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  3. it sucks cauz it doesnt support safari.. i hate using firefox.. it could be just me but ya, until firefox fixes that stupid scrolling issue on powerbooks i wont use it.. maybe imap sounds nice.. but something weird happened.. as soon as i created a new account, 5 seconds later i get 20 mails, all junk addressed to a diff name but my new mail address, something is fishy..

  4. Is it just me or are these two sites freaking other people out too. Shady indeed. The other question that pops to my mind is; what good is a Terabyte mailbox if you can only send and receive 10MB at a time?

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  7. Oh my gooood….(are you glad for that ?)
    Lets get all that crap finished here will ya…
    OK… 1 terrabyte …huh… good… thats good…
    But i heard the word just 10 MAGABYTE IN ATTACHMENT… thats totaly CRAP for a email with 1 terabyte. (NOOB)

    I have a free account on http://www.hriders.com
    they offers the same 1 terrabyte BUT 500 MEGABYTE IN ATTACHMENT…

    Now… some one, i need an place that beat that…
    … im still looking

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