11 thoughts on “Sprint’ Super Fast EVDO This Fall”

  1. This makes me wonder. Are EVDO Rev A services accessible from the EVDO PCMCIA cards currently on the market? Or will I need to upgrade if I get one in the next few months? I’ve been strongly considering it.

  2. As a Treo 650 user that doesn’t quite see enough value to upgrade to a 700 model, this is just one more reason to wait for the next model (750?) to come out.

  3. skibare, the cables have already done it — they have formed a joint venture with Sprint to offer a uniquely branded 4Play.

    Rev A is all well and good, but my XV6700 cost $400 and I’ve only had it a few months, so I’m not that eager to buy a whole new device just for the network upgrade. When it comes time to upgrade the device we’ll see what networks are out there, UMTS and WiMax included.

  4. So Rev. A will be significant for those who need to upload. But it also cuts down on the latency. It also provides a foundation for a new and improved ReadyLink as well as some video sharing/communications services.

  5. Sprint is not doing Rev A due to pressure from Cingular/Verizon. They are doing it because they need Rev A’s low latency and uplink speed for a new PTT service that will replace Nextel’s PTT. Their target is to begin dismantling iDEN by 2010. Rev A is needed before they can do that. Dual-mode RevA/iDen phones are coming in the Fall to begin the transition.

  6. When sprint gets it in the Houston area, I will be in line. I already have their EVDO Rev 0 service and it is fantastic.

  7. I have a question: which is better, the new EVDO Rev A card from Sprint, or the satellite broadband offered by HughesNet (through DirecTV). I have rea that the claims for Rev A are up to 3.1 Mbps, but other articles that put the download speeds at much lower than that. can someone help me out? Thank you in advance. JTG

  8. John:
    I live on a small farm in 45 miles from Philadelphia. No cable, too far from the CO for DSL, and FIOS several years away. As a technology professional I have died a death of a thousand cuts – suffering with HughesNet. Upload speeds rande from 9Kb/sec to 17Kb/sec yes…. that’s true. Download is quite acceptable 255MB – 450MB … (when it doesn’t snow, or rain hard)…. ie days that I really am likely to want to spend the whole day on the computer at home… The asymetry means that VPN is out of the question. I have to drive 40 miles just to deal with corporate Email (Exchange) since OWA is not very useful… EVDO appears to be the solution I have begged for! It works great – I have just bought a router to share it. Who cares about mobility? Heck I just want connectivity!
    Hope that helps DJ

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