6 thoughts on “Digging Vapor(m)illionaires”

  1. Only $3M/year? Sounds like they aren’t capitalizing on their viewers all that well… I’ve found that monthly revenues closely follow the daily traffic trend.

    If Digg is pulling over 800K uniques per day, they should be pulling around $600K to $700K in ad revenue, or roughly $7M to $9M per year.

    Then again, they don’t display a ton of ads – one simple bar at the top, so $3M is reasonable.

  2. Om, this is the kind of hype you’d expect out of some ‘”pump and dump” e-mail stock spam that would go something like this:

    BW Stock Profile Of the Day – HOT HOT HOT


    Digg.com (stock symbol DIGG) is going to take off this morning because people in the know are valuing it at $200 MILLION!

    Don’t wait, this stock is going to take off and you are going to miss out on the next Google. Just look at these numbers!

    Revenues – $3,000,000!
    Profits – Now Breakeven and able to pay the rent!
    Current Value – $3,000,000
    Projected Value Next Week – $200,000,000!!!!!!
    You Make – 66,000% !!!

    Buy it now. This is a freebie just for readers of BW stock promotions e-mail list.


    BW deserves to be getting bashed.


  3. Digg is more likely worth about a tenth of what BW says.

    The most recent valuation method I have seen is taking between 20 to 40% of annual revenues, to approximate cash flow margin, and then putting an 18 to 20 multiple on that (which is around what Google and other new internet companies trade for as a multiple on cash flow margin). If $3 mil a year in revenues is accurate, that would value Digg at around $11 million on the low side to around $24 million on the high side.

    If they were generating $3 million a month in revenues THAT would reasonably call for a $200 million valuation. Maybe someone at BW made a calculation error? Or maybe their expert source did?

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