9 thoughts on “Startup Joyent Sells BingoDisk and Strongspace”

  1. Om – these serves are not dying – they’re being reborn.

    We’ve been making ExpanDrive for 5 years now – and it’s an infinitely better solution to disk in the cloud than iDisk [webdav]. It’s fast, secure, and reliable. More info: http://bit.ly/16Ck2f

    Joyent is still providing all the infrastructure for the service – we’re just stepping in to turn it into what it always should have been . Don’t give up hope and pass your data off to S3 – give us some input on what you want your ideal service to look like. Shoot us an email or give us a call.

  2. As a currently satisfied Mac owner using Backblaze, I’d still have to agree with Jeff Mancuso there. Switching when the service or infrastructure itself itself isn’t changing doesn’t seem like a good use of your time. Also, the title of this post, “Startup Joyent Ends BingoDisk and Strongspace,” would indicate the two storage offerings are shutting down. I’m glad I read the whole article to learn otherwise.

  3. Was it last year or the year before that Strongspace went down and was inaccessible for a couple of weeks? At the time Joyent shut the service down to new signups and let users know they were re-architecting the service to prevent future outages. That’s pretty much when I stopped using my Strongspace account (which I have a lifetime subscription to).

    Strongspace has been dead to me until this announcement. What’s curious is that I never did hear anything about the service being re-architected. I might give it another look, but I doubt I’ll be putting any important data there.

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